You deserve to have full control of your money. That’s why we’re making your direct deposits available earlier on any Frost personal checking account. No restrictions, just your money in hand, up to 48 hours sooner.

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Your finances are in your control.

As soon as we know your money’s coming, you’ll have access to it up to two days earlier, restriction-free. Pay your bills or put some in savings—use it however you want, right when you need it.

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Don’t worry - qualifying is simple.

If you have a direct deposit from your employer set up to go into your Frost Personal, Frost Plus or Frost Premium Account, you’re qualified. It’s that easy. Direct deposits into a Frost Personal Savings or Money Market Account do not qualify.

This is an automatic feature if you have a direct deposit going into a Frost personal checking account. Early availability of your direct deposit is based on the timing of the payer’s payment instruction. For example, some instructions are sent one day early instead of two.

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You’ll see other direct deposits early, too.

If you get your tax refund, Advance Child Tax Credit, Social Security or unemployment through direct deposit, you’ll get access to that money earlier as well.

Don’t have direct deposit?

Print and fill out our Switch Direct Deposit form, then give it to the company making your direct deposit. For payroll direct deposit, you should give the completed form to your Human Resources contact.

Employer doesn’t offer direct deposit?

Have them call us at (800) 513-7678 to discuss how we can help them with payment processing. Then, once you and your employer are set up for direct deposit, you'll automatically qualify to receive direct deposits up to two days sooner.

Even more account features to help you stay on top of your finances.


We won’t ding you for being human

Stress less about overdrawing your account. We’ll take care of any “oops I really thought I got paid yesterday” fees up to $100, if you meet qualifying conditions.

Plenty of ways to get to your money.

Enjoy fee-free ATM withdrawals at H-E-B and Circle K and find financial centers wherever you go across the state.

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Fast access to mobile deposits.

Snap a photo by 9pm CT to have access to deposited checks, generally by the next business day.

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