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General Industry Briefs
Find out what’s new in compen-sation, industry insights and other HR trends.

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A mid-sized company with operations throughout the U.S. knew there was a better approach to their current payroll administration. They were less than pleased with their payroll provider, payroll software and internal staff, and they wanted to investigate options that would be cost effective, reliable and add a new level of payroll expertise and customer service to the process.


Frost HR Consulting brought in a combined payroll-HR-benefit technology that provided a one-source solution to employee data and administration. Our payroll management team took on the role of the client's payroll department: data uploads and entry, auditing information, processing new hires, employee changes, garnishments and special payments. Every employee issue was resolved with diplomacy and "client-first" service.

The new arrangement offered an experienced payroll group that recognized inaccuracies immediately, brought immediate solutions to management, and worked through each and every transaction as if it was their own.


Through the payroll implementation and outsourcing arrangement, we discovered and corrected the following:

  • Workflow setup and business processes had originally been set up incorrectly and had not been routing to the proper individuals for approvals. These processes were re-examined and fixed
  • We condensed the previous two pay groups into one for more efficient payroll processing
  • The previous user ID setup was too elaborate, prohibiting employees from easy access. We adjusted the user ID credentials to mirror the employee's email addresses
  • We updated deductions to track arrears, eliminating the need for the client to manually track these. This had not previously been set up in the prior payroll environment
  • We offered suggestions that included adding payroll deductions for tuition reimbursement and safety boots, so these items could be reimbursed through payroll, instead of separate payments being issued from accounts payable
  • We discovered incorrect tax situations affecting supplemental wages, state taxes, and imputed income for group term life insurance
  • We discontinued the practice of taking one month of deductions before the employee's benefit effective date
  • We updated the General Ledger mapping of cash line items, eliminating the need for the controller to add adjustment entries each payroll and for the client's management team to generate the reports each payroll period

By selecting Frost HR Consulting, the client received more than what was originally intended: a client services team that cared about the outcome of all transactions, achieved efficiencies and created a new level of trust for the client's management team.


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