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General Industry Briefs
Find out what’s new in compen-sation, industry insights and other HR trends.

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A multi-state, 750-employee corporation's human resources department was exploring the idea of outsourcing their benefit and payroll functions.

Administrative responsibilities distracted them from doing what they did best: being strategic, helping their employees, growing the company and providing a strong backbone for continued company success. They wanted a business partner to not simply take over in-house administration, but actually function as an extension of their department with the same employee-centric focus.


Frost HR Consulting worked with them to provide a customized outsourcing solution, implementing technology that offered seamless payroll, HR and benefit integration. Among other things:

  • We tailored their software platform to give employees better access to information while reflecting their culture, their programs, and their benefits
  • We took care of their payroll and benefit legalities while personally addressing employee issues
  • We assigned a professional account team to manage their payroll and benefits
  • We set up a dedicated phone number and call center representatives for personalized employee contact
  • We increased the level of expertise in the payroll area and became a trusted advisor for all parts of their payroll and benefit process
  • We prepared specialty employee communications
  • We included FMLA and COBRA administration, new employee orientations, specialized communications, and fulfillment tasks


Frost HR Consulting met all of the client's original outsourcing needs – and more.

The implementation process corrected errors and inefficiencies that had gone unnoticed.

By examining their internal business processes, we were able to take over additional HR responsibilities that expanded our scope of services and help HR more than originally forecasted. The result has been a business partnership that exceeded expectations and has become more valuable to the employee and the client.


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