“Directions” is a quarterly newsletter for Frost customers, featuring investment news, financial tips and strategies — as well as an exclusive economic outlook by Tom Stringfellow, President of Frost Investment Advisors.

2013 - Q4

Five ways to stay financially fit in 2014

Also in this issue:

  • Can you stop investing when you retire?
  • Economic Outlook: Market Rhetoric
  • It's a matter of trusts

2013 - Q3

Your Digital Assets in an Online World

Also in this issue:

  • The CWS® Designation: How Frost Wealth Advisors are Preparing for Your Future
  • Economic Outlook: Setting Expectations
  • Heir Supply: Transferring Wealth
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2013 - Q2

In Search of a Way to Survive (and Thrive) Post-Recession: Back to Investment Basics

Also in this issue:

  • Could Long-Term Care Costs Shatter Your Nest Egg?
  • Economic Outlook: Housing Renaissance
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2013 - Q1

Increased Contribution Limits
Retirement planning gets a boost in 2013

Also in this issue:

  • Women and Wealth: What You Should Know
  • Economic Outlook: Spectator Sport
  • Tapping Your IRA for Chartity
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