When it comes to attracting new employees, base salary is one of your most effective recruitment tools. And, if it’s not competitive, your company may have a hard time recruiting the talent it needs to compete. There’s another important benefit to getting the base salary right: It helps you retain your employees. The costs of replacing them can run up to five times their annual salary.

Frost HR Consultants are here to help:

  • Analyze the job description
  • Match the position to benchmarked positions based on industry, region and company size
  • Determine the market 25th percentile, median and 75th percentile
  • Assist with offer letters, salary increases and adjustments, and promotions
  • Ensure employee classifications are in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Keep salaries consistent within the hierarchy of your company

Learn how we can help you with base salary. Talk to a Frost HR Consultant at (877) 521-4011 or request a call or email.​

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We Can Help When:


Your company is losing employees to the competition.
​Lower level employees are being hired at higher base salaries, creating wage compression in middle level positions.
​Your company needs guidance on recent base salary trends in your industry and/or region.
​You need to differentiate high-performance employees from the other employees in the annual merit increases.

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