Uniform Single-Party or Multiple-Party Account Selection Form Notice

Member FDIC

The type of account you select may determine how property passes on your death. Your will may not control the disposition of funds held in some of the following accounts. You may choose to designate one or more convenience signers on an account, even if the account is not a convenience account. A designated convenience signer may make transactions on your behalf during your lifetime but does not own the account during your lifetime. The designated convenience signer owns the account on your death only if the convenience signer is also designated as a P.O.D. payee or trust account beneficiary.

The ownership type below is available for Frost consumer accounts opened online.

The party to the account owns the account. On the death of the party, ownership of the account passes to the P.O.D. beneficiaries of the account. The account is not a part of the party's estate.

Additional ownership types are available. To open a new account using a different ownership type or to change your account’s ownership type, please visit a Frost financial center.