Notice of Amendment to the Frost Bank Deposit Account Agreement & Other Disclosures

Effective August 1, 2017
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This amendment (the “Amendment”) to Frost Bank’s (the “Bank”) Deposit Account Agreement & Other Disclosures (the “Agreement”) is effective August 1, 2017. This is an update to your existing Agreement. We urge you to carefully read this Amendment to the Agreement and to retain it for future reference.

(1)   Added a definition of “Party” to Section I (Introduction).
(2)   References to “Checkcard” have been changed to “Debit Card” throughout the Agreement, and the definition of “Checkcard” has been replaced with a definition of “Debit Card” in Section II (Definitions).
(3)   The definition of “Schedule” in Section II (Definitions) has been revised.
(4)   Section III(A) (Governing Law; Dispute Resolution; Arbitration) has been revised. A jury trial waiver and provision limiting the time in which a customer can bring certain claims against Frost has also been added to this section.
(5)   Revised language in Section III(C) (Fraud and Loss Prevention; Legal Process; Legal Compliance; Reservation of Rights) regarding interpleader actions by Frost.
(6)   Revised language in Section III(D) (Account Termination).
(7)   Added new Section IV(C) (Consent to Autodialed and Prerecorded Phone Calls and Text Messages) to include provisions granting the Bank your prior express consent for the Bank to make autodialed and prerecorded phone calls and text messages for informational and/or fraud prevention purposes to any phone number (including any mobile phone number) you provide to the Bank.
(8)   Revised language in Sections V(B) (My Frost Online Banking Services for Personal and Commercial Accounts) and V(C) (Mobile Device and Wireless Internet Access) regarding security.
(9)   Removed language in VI(C) (Balance Methods) that defined certain terms already defined in Section II (Definitions).
(10) Revised Section VI(D)(2) (Longer Delays May Apply) regarding funds availability.
(11) Revised Section VI(E)(1) (Endorsements).
(12) Added new Section VI(E)(4) (Remotely Created Checks).
(13) Added new Section VI(E)(5) (Foreign Items).
(14) Revised Section VI(F)(6) (Power of Attorney).
(15) Revised Section VI(F)(10) (Facsimile Signatures).
(16) Revised Section VI(K)(2) (Multiple-Party Accounts).
(17) Revised Section VI(N) (Right of Setoff).
(18) Revised Section VI(P) (Account Statements).
(19) Added new Section VI(R)(3) (Foreign Wires) to include provisions for Wire Transfers that are conducted in a currency other than U.S. dollars.
(20) In Section VII (Frost Digital Deposits), changed “Frost Digital Deposits” to “Digital Deposits.”
(21) Revised Section VII(C) (Customer Representations and Agreements; Indemnity), including provisions regarding endorsements, a customer’s obligations to retain and later destroy Original Checks, and customer liability for failing to destroy Original Checks.
(22) Added new Section VIII (Digital Wallet Service) to include provisions applicable to Frost’s new Digital Wallet Service.
(23) Revised existing Section VIII (Substitute Check Policy Disclosure) to remove a definition that is contained in Section II (Definitions) of the Agreement.
(24) Revised existing Section IX(B)(3) (Your Liability for Unauthorized Transfers) to update restrictions around Visa’s and MasterCard’s “zero liability” policies.
(25) Revised existing Section IX(B)(6) (Online Banking, Mobile Banking, and Bill Payment Services) to clarify that Frost may revise the separate Frost Online Banking Agreement and Disclosure at a different time than Frost revises the Deposit Account Agreement & Other Disclosures.
(26) Revised existing Section IX(B)(12) (ATM and Checkcard Safety Tips) to add new ATM and Debit Card safety tips and to update instructions for reporting lost or stolen ATM and Debit Cards.
(27) Revised existing Section X (Important Information About Cash Reporting Requirements for Banks Under the Bank Secrecy Act) to add a new question and answer regarding Currency Transaction Reports.
(28) Revised the “How to Contact Us” information on the last page of the Agreement to update instructions for reporting a lost or stolen Debit Card. 

Your use of any personal or business checking, savings, money market or CD accounts you may have with Frost Bank, after August 1, 2017, constitutes your agreement to all of the changes described above. You can review the updated Agreement by going to, clicking on the Agreements & Disclosures link located at the bottom of the homepage and selecting the “Deposit Account Agreement & Other Disclosures Effective August 1, 2017” link. A printed copy of the new Agreement is available upon request.

We are here to answer any questions you may have regarding these changes and how they may affect your Frost account. Please feel free to call us at 1-800-513-7678. As always, thank you for choosing Frost as your banking partner.

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