Notice of Amendment to the Frost Online Banking Agreement and Disclosure

Effective August 28, 2017
Member FDIC

This amendment (the “Amendment”) to Frost Bank’s (the “Bank”) Online Banking Agreement and Disclosure (the “Agreement”) is effective August 28, 2017. This is an update to your existing Agreement. We urge you to carefully read this Amendment to the Agreement and to retain it for future reference.

Below are specific topics and portions of the Agreement that will be changed, effective August 28, 2017:

(1) References to “Checkcard” have been changed to “Debit Card” throughout the Agreement.
(2) In Section I(E) (Definitions), a new definition for “Debit Card” has been added and the definition of “Schedule” has been revised.
(3) The title of Section IV(F) (Apple Pay Service) has been changed to “Digital Wallet Service,” and the section has been revised.
(4) A new section for the optional Zelle Services has been added to Section IV(G).
(5) Section V(C) (Scheduling Transfers) has been revised.
(6) Section V(G) (My Liability for Unauthorized Use) has been revised.
(7) Section V(H) (Errors or Questions) has been revised.
(8) Section VI(M) (Governing Law; Dispute Resolution; Arbitration) has been revised. A jury trial waiver and provision limiting the time in which a customer can bring certain claims against Frost has also been added to this section.

Your use of Frost Online Banking Services, including the Frost App and Frost Mobile, after August 28, 2017, constitutes your agreement to all of the changes described above. We are here to answer any questions you may have about this Agreement. Please feel free to call us at 1-800-513-7678. As always, thank you for choosing Frost as your banking partner.