Rate and Fee Schedule – Frost Business Checking Account

Effective February 1, 2024
Member FDIC

Account Opening and Monthly Service Charge
Minimum Opening Deposit $50
Monthly Service Charge $10
How to Avoid the Monthly Service Charge $0

Monthly Service Charge when you have ONE of the following (during each monthly statement period):

  • a $1,500 minimum daily balance in this account
  • OR $15,000 combined average daily balances* of business deposit accounts under the same business name
  • OR a minimum of $1,000 net spending on your linked Frost Visa Business Debit Card posted per statement cycle
  • OR have a Frost Business Checking Plus account in the same business name

* The average daily balance is calculated by adding the principal in the account for each day of the period and dividing that figure by the number of days in the period.

Item Processing
Total Items Processed
0-200 $0
201+ $0.35 per item
Cash Processing
Total Cash Processed
$0-$5,000.00 $0
$5,000.01+ $0.25 per $100, rounded down
ATM Fees
Frost ATMs $0
Pulse Point–of–Sale Terminals $0
H–E–B®, Corner Store, and Circle K Locations in Texas $0
Non–Frost ATMs $2 for any Transfers or Withdrawals while using a non-Frost ATM, plus any fees the ATM owner charges

Notice regarding ATM fee by others – If you use an automated teller machine that is not operated by us, you may be charged a fee by the operator of the machine and/or an automated transfer network and you may be charged a fee for a balance inquiry even if you do not complete a funds transfer.

Overdraft Fees
Overdrafts Created by: check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal or other electronic means $35 for each item presented for payment we pay that overdraws your account more than $5, up to a maximum fee of $175 per day
Non-sufficient Funds $35 per item - If we determine, in our sole discretion based on information provided when the withdrawal or debit is presented to us for payment, that the Item is being represented for payment (meaning it was previously presented for payment and returned unpaid), we will not charge you an additional fee if your Current Balance is less than the amount needed to pay the Item and we return it due to non-sufficient funds. However, if we do not determine that the withdrawal or debit is a represented Item and we return it due to non-sufficient funds or we pay the Item that results in an overdraft, you will be charged the corresponding fee.
Overdraft Protection Transfer, Each Advance from:

• Another deposit account

• Line of credit
(subject to credit approval)


$0 (interest will apply on the outstanding balance)

Miscellaneous Fees
Check Certification $10
Check Order Fee varies
Cashier's Check $5 per item
Money Order $5 per item
Return Item $5 per item
Stop Payment $30 per item
Outgoing wire transfer Fee varies
Incoming Wire Transfer $15
Domestic Collection Item $20 per item
Foreign Collection Item $40 per item
Hold Mail at Financial Center for Pick Up $10 per month
Signature Verification $3 per month, plus $0.10 per item

Member FDIC