Automated Sweep

We understand that you need to make every dollar count. Automate the movement of your excess funds and keep your cash working for you with Frost’s Automated Sweep service.

Make the Most of Your Money
  • Maximize interest income and/or minimize interest expense by sweeping funds daily.
  • Eliminate the daily burden of making investment decisions by automatically sweeping excess funds over your predetermined target level.
  • Avoid overdraft charges by sweeping funds from your investment account to your Frost checking account as needed.
Automated Sweep Advantage
  • Avoid transferring funds in anticipation of presentment of outstanding checks.
  • Know your money is fully optimized until payment is required from your Frost checking account.
  • Benefit from market competitive investment yields.
Automated Sweep Features:
  • Choose between investments, line of credit or a combination of the two.
  • Establish a targeted balance to offset bank fees.
  • Automate movement of funds to cover payments from your account.
How Automated Sweep Works
  • Excess funds are automatically swept at the end of the day.
  • The available balance in your checking account includes the funds in the investment account.
  • Sweep capabilities can be tied to a line of credit (subject to credit approval), a Treasury Repurchase Agreement (Repo) or a mutual fund investment.

Download our Automated Sweep Product Sheet