Cash Manager Details

Cash Manager, Frost’s secure online banking tool provides easy access to your business account information and finances. Cash Manager is fully customizable and it enables you to manage your account, set user controls and move money as needed. Some of its advantages include:

  • It’s available anytime, anywhere you have Internet access
  • It is customizable and allows you to set user permissions
  • Save on bank fees by initiating your own transactions
  • It’s safe, secure and easy to use

Learn more about our online banking tool.

Manage Accounts

Cash Manager makes it easy to manage your accounts so you can focus on your business.

Service your account easily:

  • Perform a check inquiry to determine status of a check
  • Stop payment on a check at a discounted rate
  • Cancel a stop payment
  • Export transactions to QuickBooks®, Microsoft Money® and in BAI or CSV file
  • Nickname accounts
  • Sign up for alerts
Transfer Funds

Whether you need to transfer funds between your business accounts or to another financial institution, Frost makes it easy to move your business’ money.

Transfer online funds:

  • between your Frost business accounts
  • to an account at another U.S. or foreign financial institution using both U.S. dollars and foreign currency
View Account Activity

Know the balances of your accounts in real time. With Cash Manager, you can view all sorts of account activity including:

  • Balances and transactions for Business Checking and Savings accounts, including non-Frost accounts
  • Intraday activity—including incoming wires, ACH and lockbox deposits
  • Automated Sweep* information—including repurchase agreements, mutual funds and lines of credit
  • Written checks and deposit slip images for the past 180 days

*Money market mutual funds are available through Frost Brokerage Services, Inc., a subsidiary of Frost Bank and member FINRA and SIPC.

View Statements

Using Cash Manager, you can view all of your business statements at your convenience.

Cash Manager allows you to view:

  • Account statements for the past 180 days
  • Financial Electronic Data Interchange (FEDI) statements
Make Deposits

With Frost Digital Deposits you can deposit checks online from your office by using a scanner provided by Frost.

Frost understands that different sized businesses have different needs. That’s why we offer two different scanner check deposit solutions through Cash Manager. Learn more about Frost Digital Deposits.

Positive Pay

Save time, effort and money while protecting your company against potential check fraud with Frost’s Positive Pay service. Accessed through Cash Manager, Positive Pay lets you verify checks for payment and return fraudulent checks before they post to your account.

  • Take control over which checks are paid and which are held for review.
  • Identify unauthorized or fraudulent checks when they are presented
  • View images of checks online for verification
Safety and Security

Frost makes it easy to manage your business accounts and to safely and securely send and receive funds to and from other financial institutions. To ensure safety and security, Frost provides:

  • a Frost Security Token
  • The ability to manage customized authorization for each of your users

To make sure that you have the best possible online experience, we recommend using the latest browser version. If you’re using an older version, you can use the link below to upgrade.

We also use the industry standard levels of encryption to keep your information safe. This includes SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to prevent your business’ data from being intercepted by an unauthorized user and 128-bit encryption to ensure your information is unreadable as it travels over the Internet. And our firewalls protect your data from being accessed by an external source.

You play an important role in keeping your business’ information safe, as well. Be sure to log in to Cash Manager regularly to ensure you recognize all transaction on your accounts.

Sign up for Cash Manager
  • Call your local Frost Treasury Management Officer at (888) 481-0336.
  • Once you’ve completed the required paperwork, you’ll receive a welcome packet containing your user ID and a temporary password. Separately, you’ll also receive a security token.
  • Once the setup process is complete, you can begin using Cash Manager right away.

If you have any questions, contact Frost Treasury Management Customer Service at (888) 481-0336 or send us a secure email.

To learn more about Cash Manager, download the product sheet (PDF).