Family Governance

The unique mix of personal dynamics, business strategy and financial legacy can create a complex environment that makes decision-making a challenge. As your family grows, a family governance structure is essential to managing wealth today and for future generations.

From educational programs to family meetings and philanthropy planning, we’re here to help build and continuously refine a connected and shared purpose for your family.

We’ll meet with you to broaden thinking beyond short-term investment returns and toward identifying what distinguishes your family from others. Through our discussions, we’ll define your shared beliefs and the value of creating a common vision, as well as identify the risks associated with not engaging in these activities.

Topics we address:

  • Family Goals and Missions
  • Roles, Responsibilities and Participation
  • Communication, Decision-Making and Conflict Resolution
  • Leadership, Boundaries and Accountability Measures
  • Next-Generation Education

We’ll develop a fully customized plan for your unique situation – one that accounts for your entire family and sets the stage for long-term success.

Let’s talk about keeping your family together. If you have any questions about family governance, or anything at all, give us a call.