It’s crucial to understand how future events may affect your retirement plan. That’s where our actuarial services come in. Our team of experts will evaluate your program to help you make informed, strategic decisions. We’ll also look for areas where your plan could improve, while ensuring your company remains compliant with federal regulations.

We offer a range of services to keep your retirement plan financially sound, including:

  • Annual actuarial valuations
  • Valuations for plan mergers, spin-offs and terminations
  • Financial modeling to determine the competitiveness of your existing plan and any proposed changes
  • Guidance and review for plan funding and accounting policies
  • Actuarial and consulting services for all types of retirement plans
  • Actuarial services for retiree medical and executive retirement plans

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We Can Help When:

You need health and welfare or retirement nondiscrimination testing.
​You need to provide long-term financial strategies for your retirement plans.
Compliance and monitoring has become unmanageable.
​You need an actuary who’s there to answer your questions.