Serving on a board is more challenging than it used to be. With new laws and regulations, board members now have to take on additional responsibilities, time demands and liability exposures. And that’s driving up the demand for qualified board members who are willing and capable to provide the guidance that companies need. To entice and retain the best talent, your board compensation has to reflect these new risks and time demands.

Frost HR Consultants can help you determine board compensation by assessing:

  • Industry and/or peer group board compensation trends, including cash and equity compensation
  • Trends on stock ownership/retention guidelines and other best practices

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We Can Help When:


Your company needs guidance in creating a program.
​You need to ensure compensation is aligned with your strategic business plans.

​Your company needs prudent board and management oversight of the compensation program.
​Your shareholder communications (i.e., CD&A) need to be clear, complete and transparent.

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