The right communications strategy can make all the difference when it comes to change or motivating employees. With effective communications, HR departments can avoid losing workers because of misconceptions, issues with enrollment and missing an opportunity to publicize programs and successes.

Frost HR Consultants offer strategic solutions with an approach that includes:

  • Education—Provide employees with the benefit information they need
  • Enrollment—Streamline the process and minimize the headaches for both parties
  • Branding—Develop themes, brand a program and produce cohesive, customized benefit/HR communications
  • Strategic Messages—Create a unique communications approach for your company’s distinct culture
  • Surveys—Define communication issues through employee opinion/attitude surveys, focus groups and research analysis
  • Total Compensation—Explain the links between pay and benefit strategies
  • Mergers and Acquisitions—Refine the communications process and develop campaigns that meet corporate objectives
  • Legislative Changes—Understand the ever-changing rules of compliance

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We Can Help When:


You need to explain changes to your benefits plan, policies or processes.

​Diverse programs or audiences complicate your communications efforts.

You need assistance in obtaining an objective viewpoint from inside your company.

You need to improve the message, appearance or strategy of your benefit communications.
​You need communications tools to help with employee recruitment, orientation, benefit enrollments, technology usage or legislative compliance.

Customer Case Studies

Easing the Way for a Difficult Transition

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