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Compensation Services Briefs

​Learn about oilfield services and exploration and production compensation, get industry insights, and read about other HR trends. View compensation briefs

Customer Case Studies

Committee Charter Review and Modification

Frost HR Consulting helped an oil and gas company ensure that its board of directors compensation committee charter was compliant and it included committee member qualifications and responsibilities. Read case study

More case studies

Executive Compensation Plans

Our HR consultants will sit down with you to find a solution that includes a competitive analysis of industry compensation trends, incentive plan design and other forms of compensation.
Learn about Executive Compensation

Board Compensation

We’ll evaluate what other companies in your industry are paying their board members and provide guidance on stock option plans and other best practices.
​Learn about Board Compensation

Base Salary

We can provide employers with the market fairway, where most employers compensate a person in a similar job.
​Learn about Base Salary

Market Benchmarking

Our published survey library will give you confidence that your compensation levels remain competitive within your industry.
​Learn about Market Benchmarking

Corporate Governance

Our HR consultants support boards and compensation committees in all areas of governance, oversight and advice.
​Learn about Corporate Governance

Employment and Severance Agreements

We provide recommendations on what to include/exclude in your employment and severance agreements.
​Learn about Employment and Severance Agreements

Sales Compensation

We can help you establish a sales compensation plan by determining sales goals and performance objectives.
​Learn about Sales Compensation

International Compensation

Our HR consultants can help you navigate the complexities of paying a global workforce, including cultural and socio-economic factors, local laws and regulations, and more.
​Learn about International Compensation