HR managers today are challenged to increase efficiency and deliver more comprehensive employee services. Our web-based solution can help you achieve those goals, providing you and your employees with access to critical information.

Using proven methods and quality controls, our database and self-service technology offers features such as:

  • Employee access to benefit summary, decision-support tools, financial planning materials and benefit enrollment
  • Administrator access to benefits data, calculation results, carrier files and participant notes
  • A fully customizable platform for your culture, messaging and priorities
  • An easy-to-use website that allows plan participants to manage their own benefits, compare plans, calculate payroll deductions and more

Our job isn’t over when you launch the application. Our HR consultants will sit down with you to create service-level agreements (SLAs) and then provide regular, ongoing support. 

So how can our technology help your business? We’d be glad to show you how with a demo. Call a Frost HR Consultant at (877) 521-4011 or request a call or email.​

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(877) 521-4011

Or request a call or email

We Can Help When:


You’ve outgrown your administrative systems or processes.

​You need a data management tool to make the most of staff hours and production.

​It’s time to upgrade to a benefit application that reflects your plan rules, population and resources.

You need a benefit application that avoids common and costly benefit liabilities.

​You need management reports to help keep eligibility, plan finances and internal allocations, employee deductions and benefit changes in check.

A benefit application would streamline the work related to enrollment and termination activity.