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We Can Help When:

​Your HR department is understaffed to handle the day-to-day management of your benefits plan.
​You’ve outgrown your administrative systems or processes.

You need better access to management reports.

You’d like to improve the quality of service to your employees.

Customer Case Studies

A Solution with Healthy Savings

Frost HR Consulting helped a spin-off company with benefits and reduced their costs by 18%. Read case study

Plan Design Helps Prevent Penalties

We helped a large organization avoid benefit taxation and offer a competitively priced program. Read case study

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Choosing a health and welfare plan for your company is only the first step. The real work begins when your HR department has to administer the plan. It can take countless hours and resources to manage the benefits. And then your staff needs to keep up with changing federal regulations to ensure your company stays in compliance. Frost will take on these demanding administrative challenges—and free you to focus on taking care of your employees.

With Frost health and welfare administration, you can take advantage of:

  • An account team that understands your business processes, ensures accuracy and operates as an extension of your HR department
  • A single point of contact for managers and employees
  • Real-time benefit management reporting tools that can save money, reduce liabilities and ensure consistent processes

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