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Compensation Services Briefs

U.S. E&P Salary Budgets - 2014/2015
Frost HR Consulting regularly takes a look at E&P companies’ salary budgets for the most recently completed year and the current year. These are the results.
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U.S. E&P Salary Budgets - 2014/2015
Exploration and Production Industry Brief: Learn more about E&P companies’ salary budgets for 2014 and into 2015.
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Pushing the Boundaries of Routine Health and Welfare Administration


A Fortune 100 spin-off company with an airtight "comparability of benefits" agreement entered the public domain as a 700-employee company with the same expectations of benefits and administration that they had experienced in their previous parent company that had thousands of employees.

The company needed a services firm that could work with their existing benefit administration platform in a co-sourcing arrangement. They wanted a service provider who would take the reins and do everything that their former benefit department had handled: no small task.


Frost HR Consulting stepped in, doing whatever it took to make the engagement successful. This flexibility and professionalism quickly earned us a "can do" reputation that has served us well over the years.

We took on tasks that included administering a grandfathered Future Health Account plan (a defined contribution account for retirement healthcare), absence management, an Executive Deferred Compensation plan, state and city benefit filings and unique reductions-in-force arrangements with special communications, benefit provisions, rates and accommodations.

A second wave of 800 employees joined the firm a year later and along with the related benefit administration came employee agreement document maintenance, communications and recordkeeping.

We recommended and implemented benefit technology that out-performed their current arrangement, introducing a user-friendly, reliable data environment.

This relationship continues to grow. We have since become their COBRA and flexible spending account administrator. We work directly with management in handling sensitive employee and corporate matters and have become an informal member of their benefit committee, called upon for our expertise.


Frost HR Consulting and this client have been in lock-step since day one.

This was a client that never fit into a benefit administration "template." Boundaries were pushed on a regular basis, and each time, Frost HR Consulting took them on.

This was one of the most service-oriented client cultures we had ever encountered. We delivered.

This was a challenging client, because of the unique business environment in which they worked. Our rules-based technology and experienced staff made sure guidelines were followed, inaccuracies of data addressed, and solutions presented to improve business processes.

The success of health and welfare administration depends on the coordination of a lot of moving parts, responsibilities, deadlines and processes, but at the core of this business are two primary components: data accuracy and customer service. At Frost HR Consulting, you can depend on us to take the extra steps necessary to maintain the integrity of both.


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