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We Can Help When:

You need to update HIPAA and PPACA compliance and complete annual nondiscrimination testing.
You’re interested in the latest plan innovations, including HSAs, defined contribution approaches and disease management programs.

You’d like to receive informative plan performance reports.
​You want to know how your health and welfare plans/contributions compare within your industry.

You need to audit your health care plan providers.

Customer Case Studies

A Solution with Healthy Savings

Frost HR Consulting helped a spin-off company with benefits and reduced their costs by 18%. Read case study

Plan Design Helps Prevent Penalties

We helped a large organization avoid benefit taxation and offer a competitively priced program. Read case study

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There’s a lot to consider with today’s health and welfare plans. Your company has to navigate new health care requirements and regulations, the diverse needs of your employees and rising costs. And, if your company is like most, it lacks the resources to keep up with the latest trends and still stay focused on corporate objectives. Frost HR Consultants can help.

We offer benefit plan analysis and design services that address your unique needs and keep your plans competitive, affordable and meaningful. Our consulting approach includes:

  • Benefit Plan Review—Review your benefit plans for ways to improve cost efficiency and competitiveness
  • Consumer-Driven Health Care and Wellness Plans—Create a customized plan based on new health coverage concepts, such as high-deductible plans with HSAs, health reimbursement accounts and wellness programs
  • Actuarial and Technical Services—Provide financial projections, valuations or analysis
  • Benefit Plan Financial Analysis—Monitor plan performance and provide customized reporting to keep you up to date with plan performance
  • Service Provider Selection and Management—Identify appropriate vendors, prepare the request for proposal, evaluate responses and negotiate the terms
  • Service Provider Renewal Evaluation—Evaluate vendor renewals from an underwriting perspective, negotiate financial arrangements, calculate appropriate funding rates and contributions, and provide alternatives to improve cost effectiveness
  • Legislative Updates—Help you stay in compliance with legislative notices and updates, including HIPAA Privacy and Security and PPACA (health care reform)
  • Worksite Solutions—Ensure your benefit plan fits the unique needs of your employees
  • International Benefits—Provide guidance on the various benefit options for global employees

We can help you with your health & welfare plan. Call (877) 521-4011 or request a call or email.


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