Retirement planning has changed. Between today’s financial instability, globalized economy and desire for a better work-life balance, employees are now looking for more flexibility and consistency. Our HR consultants understand those challenges. And as experienced actuarial and benefits consultants, we can help you address emerging issues and develop a retirement plan tailored to your needs.

Designing Your Plan

Because of our deep familiarity with HR trends, we can design plans as unique as your business.

  • Retirement Plan Review and Design—Evaluate retirement plan design and develop a benefit strategy that reflects business objectives and finances
  • International Retirement Plans—Help create retirement programs with benefits that are portable and consistent around the world
  • Financial Modeling—Develop clearly defined long-term strategies using customized asset-liability models

Retirement Plan Evaluation

We offer advice and guidance as our clients evaluate their plan funding and accounting policies.

  • Actuarial Valuations—Produce annual actuarial valuations for funding and financial reporting and prepare annual participant benefit statements, as well as calculate and certify benefits for retirees and beneficiaries
  • Review and Audit of Plan Administration—Minimize financial risks of operating retirement plans. We monitor ongoing plan administration and correct any practices and procedures that do not conform to plan requirements or violate regulations.
  • Evaluation of Nonqualified Plans—Leverage experience in plan design issues for SERPs and other types of deferred compensation arrangements
  • Special Accounting Rules Analysis—Analyze the effects of curtailments, settlements and special termination benefits under appropriate accounting rules

Plan Compliance

Our HR consultants will help ensure your plan is in compliance with federal regulations and new legislation.

  • Compliance—Prepare annual government filings, including Form 5500, with required schedules and PBGC filings; prepare plan documents and amendments
  • Nondiscrimination Testing—Demonstrate compliance with legislation and regulations

Transition and ​​​Administration

We have the experience to help your company consolidate, terminate and manage your retirement plan.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions—Evaluate potential liabilities and other problems associated with taking over both qualified and nonqualified retirement plans. If plans need to be consolidated, we will provide cost efficiencies with the least disruption
  • Plan Termination—Assist employers in the termination of qualified retirement plans, including the design and implementation of follow-plans
  • Plan Administration—Provide complete administrative services for defined benefit, defined contribution and nonqualified retirement plans

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We Can Help When:


Regulatory issues are forcing you to rethink your plan design.

It’s time to review your retirement plan service providers.

A merger or acquisition-related due diligence review has uncovered hidden liabilities.
Your executives would benefit from a deferred compensation arrangement designed to make up for benefits lost because of qualified plan contribution limits.