Many businesses have a hard time determining how to compensate their sales teams. The first challenge is to find the right balance between their base pay and commission. But that’s just the beginning. Your business will also need to consider a wide range of other factors, such as setting performance goals, blending incentives and bonuses, and establishing a sales compensation plan that supports your overall business strategy.

Frost HR Consultants will work with you to create a well-designed sales compensation plan that can help:

  • Create a High-Performing Sales Culture—A motivated sales force can have a major impact on the profitability and future growth of your business
  • Align Individual and Organizational Goals—A successful incentive program ties individual performance goals to the company’s overall objectives
  • Attract and Retain Top Sales Talent—An effective sales compensation plan can help your company build a reputation for recognizing and rewarding good performance

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We Can Help When:

You need help finding a pay formula for your sales force.
You’re looking for a more strategic approach to your incentives plan.
You want your sales force to be motivated to support business objectives.
You need guidance on setting and measuring parameters for performance.
You need help implementing a sales compensation plan.

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