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Risk Management Services

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No matter what type of industry you’re in, Frost can help you identify and implement the most effective insurance coverage to protect your business. That’s because we’re deeply familiar with a wide range of specialized industries and the unique set of exposures that come with them.

How do we help protect your business for the demands of your industry?

Industry knowledge—We understand the specific insurance needs of the industry—and the field as a whole.
Understanding of risks—Our expert knowledge of the industry risks and exclusions enables us to identify gaps in your coverage.
Dedicated resources—We’re committed to training, development and research to stay up to date on industry trends and new regulations.

Health Care

Health care is one of the fastest changing industries today, posing a unique set of challenges because of regulatory, legislative and political changes. At Frost, we have extensive knowledge of those risks and regulations, including professional liability, billing, data/privacy issues, clinical trials, facility construction and employee benefits. That’s why we place nearly $10 million in annual premiums in the health care sector. Our focus is on medical groups (e.g. physicians, hospitals, senior care), durable goods manufacturers, medical technology and life sciences.

Our team can help your organization:

  • Coordinate and layer coverages
  • Customize directors and officers liability policies to complement malpractice coverage
  • Design solutions to address federal and state regulations
  • Partner with medical malpractice providers who assist physicians with tort reform
  • Provide access to our cyber security partner

Our Services in Action

A health care organization that stored narcotics was concerned about loitering that took place near their offices. Our risk advisor asked to visit the facility to look for ways they could improve security.

We partnered with the organization to develop a strategy for barriers and alarm systems, as well as building entrances and exits. This approach enabled the business to better protect its employees from theft or attack.


Businesses in the travel, dining and gaming industry face a range of risks—from food safety to guest behavior to data privacy. Our specialists have expertise in these unique industry challenges and can help protect your company from exposures involving:

  • Liquor liability
  • Foodborne pathogens
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Hospitality compliance
  • Risk reviews and policy design
  • Guest safety

Our Services in Action

A large U.S. company was looking for ways to keep their operating cost to a minimum. We recommended a captive program for their workers' compensation that offered significantly improved pricing from the traditional marketplace. It also provided them with more freedom on their own claims management, both of which were very important to this client. We delivered a program that allowed them to achieve all of their goals.


Change is constant in the technology industry. That’s why it’s important to have a broker who understands the risks of intellectual property theft, cyber security and information privacy. We offer solutions for companies across the industry, such as IT, electronics, life sciences and telecommunications. We provide:

  • Coverage audits
  • Customized portals
  • Specialized coverage enhancements and exclusive programs
  • Benchmarking
  • Relationships with technology underwriters
  • International coverages (property and liability)

Our Services in Action

While working with a technology company that offered cloud services, we discovered it didn’t have the appropriate data security coverage. This client had been under the assumption its risk would be transferred to the third-party data host, but this was not the case. We helped our client understand its complete range of exposures, data in motion vulnerabilities and other data security issues. Since then, due to the changing nature of the industry, we’ve continued to monitor and adjust their coverage to protect their sensitive information.


Whether it’s driving and housing clients or managing volunteers, nonprofit organizations face a variety of risks, from the local all the way to the international level. That’s why we take the time to get to know our clients and their risks through conversations, tours and employee interviews. We’ve served more than 600 nonprofits and place just under $10 million in annual premiums. Our coverage addresses these needs:

  • Automobile liability and proof of coverage for volunteers
  • Abuse and molestation
  • Professional liability and D&O coverage
  • Life safety issues in housing
  • Host liquor liability
  • Voluntary accident policies
  • Public relations

Our Services in Action

With more than 10,000 volunteers a year, a large nonprofit had many questions regarding best practices for volunteers when handling children. We assembled a team of risk management professionals and held a class for all volunteer coordinators (around 25 employees). This allowed them to ask questions and create policies and procedures geared directly toward their operation and exposure.


Construction operations involve a variety of risks. With the countless contractual, liability and environmental exposures, construction companies need expertise navigating the coverages associated with materials and equipment, worksite safety, OSHA, errors in plan design and much more. We place more than $21 million in annual premiums for construction businesses and can customize the coverage you need, such as:

  • Contractors’ equipment
  • Environmental
  • Umbrella/excess liability for construction industry
  • Professional liability—construction management
  • Wrap up/ROCIP/OCIP/CCIP programs
  • Builder’s risk
  • Workers' compensation

Our Services in Action

Shortly after major wildfires in Texas, a Frost client was building on a wooded and remote area of town, which meant the building would be exposed to potential fires. We took pictures of the site and discussed the risk with the builder. We also measured the distance to a fire hydrant and fire department—even checked on the rating of the fire department itself. With this information, we negotiated the terms with several providers and reached a fair price for the builder’s risk insurance.

Public Entity

Public entities have to protect themselves from everything from natural disasters and health epidemics to corporate governance and slip and falls. At Frost, we place more than $13 million in annual premiums for school districts, government institutions, utilities and other organizations. Our team of specialists has the expertise to provide:

  • Program management
    • Customizable online tools, training, certificates and services
    • Policy and claims information
    • Digital forms and checklists
  • Risk control planning
    • Loss prevention
    • Compliance
    • Safety and security audits
  • Claims management (RMIS systems)
    • Program design
    • Relationships with beneficial third-party administrators (TPAs)

Our Services in Action

Public buildings and schools are particularly susceptible to liability and workers’ compensation claims related to slip and falls. Common hazards are floor polishing, rain and spills. We helped a customer significantly reduce this exposure with a loss control program. The program increased awareness of these hazards with additional signage and quick cleanup policies that helped save taxpayer money.


The energy industry is fraught with environmental exposures and regulatory changes, as well as risks associated with the equipment, tools and crews. We understand these complexities and challenges. And we’ll sit down with you to identify coverages in these areas:

  • Oil and gas
    • Drilling: Upstream and downstream
    • Pipeline: Onshore and offshore
    • Distribution: Ground to gas pump
    • Ancillary services: Contractual review
  • Renewable energy
  • Environmental
  • Regulatory

Our Services in Action

When one of our customers needed to reduce the number of workers’ compensation claims, our team helped set up a safety program, which included regular safety meetings and strategies to encourage management to reinforce and practice safety. We also assisted in establishing a fleet safety program to encourage better driving habits and suggested a GPS system to monitor speed and usage of company-owned vehicles.


Companies in the transportation industry not only face risks related to fleet safety, auto liability and occupational accidents, but also need to comply with regulations. Our team is well-versed in these unique risks and can provide:

  • Review of fleet management programs
  • Criteria for a driver recruiting programs
  • Compliance with TXDOT and FMCSA
  • Long haul, intermediate and bobtail coverage
  • Identification of warehouse exposures
  • Occupational accident issues in lieu of workers’ compensation

Our Services in Action

One of our clients was expanding the transportation program within their company but lacked the appropriate controls. We provided samples and offered guidance on a fleet management program, including driving history criteria. We also provided supervisory hands-on control methods, including vehicle inspections and supervisor ride-alongs.

Auto Dealers

Auto dealers have to worry about protecting their fleets from natural disasters and damage, safety, misleading advertising and many other issues. Our expert team will carefully analyze your property and help identify protection for:

  • Fluctuating inventory coverage needs
  • Open lot coverage
  • Hail coverage
  • Garage liability
  • Auto liability
  • Privacy and security
  • Errors and emission issues (Lemon Law)
  • Pollution and environmental issues

Our Services in Action

Auto dealers are required to comply with federal identity theft rules. And that can be a big exposure for medium and small dealerships, which may not have the resources to devote to ensuring compliance. We can design and implement the safeguards and monitoring needed to help prevent problems in the future. We can also offer guidance on ways dealers can control their losses, such as driver training and requiring employees to pay deductibles when involved in at-fault accidents.

How can our industry expertise help you? Talk to Frost at (866) 227-2099 or request a call or email.