Frost's online business investment service, Invest Online, lets you remotely access and manage your Frost Brokerage accounts. You can view all accounts and current market information - even make trades. With Frost's online investment service, you can:

  • View holdings
  • View pending trades
  • Trade stocks with discounted commissions*
  • View up to 13 months of statements and up to 30 days of trade confirmations
  • Create a personal portfolio of stocks you'd like to track
  • View up-to-date market statistics, news and quotes

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Manage Brokerage Accounts

Simply log in to Invest Online to view your accounts ...

Make Trades

Make timely trades online and keep up with your portfolio of current and previous investments with Frost's online investment service, Invest Online ...

View Market Information

To help your company make smart investment decisions, you need access to the best information. ...

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To sign up for Invest Online, simply complete the Invest Online application.