Your Fingerprint. Your Passcode.

Touch ID is a faster, more convenient way to log in to the Frost App for iPhone.
And because no two fingerprints are alike, it's one of the most secure passcodes.
Enabling Touch ID Follow a few, simple steps to enable Touch ID on your Frost App for iPhone.
Logging In After you’ve enabled Touch ID, you can start accessing your Frost account with your fingerprint.
Disabling Touch ID If you decide you’d rather use the traditional four-digit login, you can disable Touch ID at any time.

What you need to use Touch ID with the Frost App

  • The latest version of the Frost App for iPhone
  • iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, or iPad Mini 3
  • iOS 7 or higher
  • Touch ID enabled on your device
  • Only one profile on device (multiple login profiles are not supported, for example users with Business and Personal accounts)

We're Always Here For You.

At Frost, we're always listening to our customers. And Touch ID is one more way we’re working to make banking better. If you have questions about Touch ID, your Frost App or anything at all, we're here 24/7. Call us anytime. (800) 513-7678
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