Secure. Easy to use. And globally accepted.

Chip cards are becoming the new standard in card technology. Frost is here to help you with
the transition to assure you have the most up-to-date, globally accepted card available.
Over the next 6 months, Frost will reissue chip cards to all of our current cardholders. If you are planning on traveling outside of the country in the coming months please notify us by calling 800-513-7678 or by initiating a Travel Notice in the Frost App.
Watch this video to learn all the details
about chip-enabled cards.

How to use your new chip-enabled card:

Step 1: Insert your card.

Insert your card chip first into the terminal. The machine will clamp down on your card. Leave it there for the entire transaction.

Step 2: Enter your six-digit PIN.

Follow the prompts, making sure to sign or enter your six-digit PIN if asked.

Step 3: Don't forget your card.

Pull your card from the terminal when the transaction is completed.

Chip cards are just one of the ways we're working to enhance your security. Here are other ways:

Freeze Your Card

Freeze your card to immediately prevent debit card purchases.

Debit Card Alerts

Industry-leading fraud detection sent to your phone.


We work to provide a safe and secure place for you to do business.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my chip-enabled debit card? Do I need to apply for one?
If you are an existing Frost cardholder, your new chip card will be issued to you sometime within the next six months.

What is a chip card and why am I getting one?
Chip cards are debit cards that have an embedded microchip. The U.S. is shifting to chip cards as chip technology has proven successful in reducing fraud in over 130 countries around the world and has become the global standard for card payments. All cards will continue to include the magnetic stripe, so you can still use your card at ATMs and merchant terminals that aren’t chip-enabled.
What information is stored on the chip?
No personal information is stored on the chip. The chip contains information used to process your transactions at a merchant terminal or ATM.
What does a chip-enabled merchant terminal look like?
Chip-enabled terminals have all of the features you are accustomed to seeing at a payment terminal, with the addition of a slot to insert your card. The slot is typically located at the bottom or the top of the payment terminal.
Can I still use my chip card at a non-chip-enabled ATM or merchant terminal?
Yes, you can use your card at non-chip-enabled terminals because your card has both a chip and a magnetic stripe to accommodate any situation.
Can I use my chip card internationally?
Having a chip card allows you to use your card when traveling internationally because chip card readers are already standard in Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe and Asia. If you are planning on traveling outside of the country in the coming months, including the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil, please notify us by calling 800-513-7678 or by initiating a Travel Notice in the Frost App.

We're Always Here For You.

At Frost, we're always listening to our customers to see how we can make banking a
better experience. Our debit cards with chip technology are just the latest examples. If you have any
questions about debit cards with chip technology, chip technology or anything at all, we're here 24/7.Call us anytime at (800) 513-7678.