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Questions to Ask Yourself

When we first meet with a new client, we ask them to consider questions like these:

  • What is my risk management plan?
  • How current are the home inventories for my primary residence and vacation properties?
  • What are the major vulnerabilities to my net worth?
  • Is my life insurance adequate to meet my family’s needs?
  • What protection do I have against lawsuits by domestic staff?
  • How often do I travel overseas?
  • What are the unique exposures I face as a board member of a
  • How comprehensive is my identity theft coverage?
  • What’s the guaranteed replacement cost on my home?
  • When was the last time I had a comprehensive insurance review?

While financial success has brought its many rewards, it’s also brought a set of risks that are unique to your stature and lifestyle. We understand your risks. So, we’ll get to know everything about you as an individual—from your occupation and travel habits to your hobbies and collections—to determine where your risks lie.

Not only will we get to know your goals, we’ll work with your financial advisors, such as your attorney and CPA, to evaluate all aspects of your life in context. That way, we can ensure your various policies complement each other and there are no gaps in coverage.

Protection Tailored to the Way You Live

Once we understand your unique needs, we’ll create a package of customized coverage that’s designed to match your risk profile. And because Frost Insurance is an independent agency, we can pick the best insurance providers in the industry for high-net-worth individuals, including Chubb, Ace and Fireman’s Fund. Our risk advisors are equipped with a broad suite of products and services and will put together a package of coverage to protect:

Making sure you’re protected today is only the first step. When life changes come, as they always do, we’ll be here to answer your questions and to continually reevaluate your coverage.

If you’d like to discuss how Frost can help manage your personal risk, give us a call at (866) 227-2099 or request a call or email.

From Our Customers

"Our advisor explained how he balanced our umbrella coverage with specialized coverage, keeping in mind our gross assets. He made sure all our insurance worked together."

- Frost Customer since 2009

"I have a rare baseball card collection, and had been told by a few other companies that it was impossible to cover. Frost spent weeks doing the research, and put together a custom package that not only covered the collection - but saved me money."

- Frost Customer since 2004