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Frost Integrated Payables

The combination of virtual cards, dynamic decisioning and process automation extends the power of electronic payments to all your purchase-to-pay flows. With one platform for all payments, you can simplify your process. This web-based tool is compatible with your existing accounting system and eliminates the need for additional software installation, creating an easy implementation for you and your suppliers. Frost Integrated Payables lifts your bottom line by reducing processing costs and improving cash flow, enabling you to take advantage of supplier discounts and enhancing revenue potential.

  • Seamless integrated digital technology
  • Reduces risk with automated and secure payment processing
  • Vendor enrollment features to assist in maximizing vendor electronic payment adoption
  • Virtual Card option features a rebate program
  • Ensure that suppliers are paid for the invoiced amount, helping improve accuracy and streamline reconciliation
  • Maintain control over when and how payments are made to suppliers
  • Additional layers of security ensure the protection of sensitive account data

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