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Disaster recovery resources​

Helping you stay safe and protected is at the core of what we do. Frost Insurance risk advisors are well-versed in the challenges and vulnerabilities associated with harsh weather and their impact on the safety of our clients and their assets.​

If you’ve experienced damage to your personal or business property and need to file a claim, we recommend reaching out to your carrier directly to expedite the process, but as always, Frost Insurance is available to assist you whenever you may need us.​

Check your app store to see if your carrier offers a mobile app and download it so you can file a claim directly.​

Palm tree in windy weather.

Personal preparedness tips:

  • Conduct a risk assessment of your property
  • Have an easily accessible hard copy of your homeowner's insurance policy, as well as a digital copy stored in your phone
  • Pre-assemble a tool kit with jumper cables, a portable radio, flashlights, batteries, can opener and matches 
  • If a hurricane is approaching, withdraw cash in the event ATMs and credit card readers are unserviceable 

For more helpful tips, please see our full personal resource guide.

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Coastal home

(800) 242-7666
(888) 263-2924
(800) 252-4670
NFIP: Flood
(877) 336-2627
(800) 252-4633
Wright: Flood
(800) 725-9472

Business preparedness tips:

  • Review important documents (such as insurance policies, bank records, identification, etc.) and have digital copies stored on your phone
  • Maintain an updated inventory of physical assets essential for business operations
  • Communicate and share hurricane preparedness and evacuation plans with all employees
  • Protect your business by boarding up windows, moving vehicles to higher ground and securing loose materials

For more helpful tips, please see our full business resource guide.

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Coastal high rise

(800) 242-7666
(214) 528-3999
Brown & Riding
(213) 452-7060
Burns & Wilcox
(210) 640-4440
(888) 263-2924
(800) 252-4670
(205) 414-2289
(888) 362-2255
(800) 226-3224
Nationwide Private Client
(855) 473-6410
NFIP: Flood
(877) 336-2627
R-T Specialty
(312) 784-6001
(855) 782-7725
(972) 725-2100
(800) 238-6225
United Fire
(800) 343-9131
Wright: Flood
(800) 725-9472
(800) 987-3373

Property claim instructions

1. Protect property from further damage

  • Cover the property if it is exposed to the elements
  • Make temporary repairs, if reasonable and necessary, to protect the property from further damage
  • Maintain a record of all expenses incurred
  • Separate damaged from undamaged personal property

2. Take photos of damage (if possible)

3. Prepare an inventory of damaged property

  • List quantity, description and value
  • Attach bills, receipts, estimates and related documents

4. Retain damaged property until a claims adjuster approves its disposal (unless a danger to safety exists)

  • The adjuster may need to inspect the property.
  • The insurance company may be able to salvage the damaged property

5. Notify police in the case of theft

6. A claims adjuster should reach out to you within two business days (if you have not been contacted within that time frame, please call Frost Insurance)

  • If the damage significantly affects your continuing operations, we will request that the insurance carrier expedite your claim
  • Please let us know immediately if your circumstances change and this loss will have a greater impact on your business than originally anticipated.

7. Be prepared to provide additional information as requested by the claims adjuster

8. Consider or plan for alternative arrangements in the event your premises has damage that does not permit you to remain there

Local/regional numbers

We are here to help. Call us at (866) 227-2099 or you may reach out to your local Frost Insurance office at the numbers below.

(512) 473-4520
College Station
(713) 388-1250
Corpus Christi
(361) 580-9010
(214) 515-4145
Fort Worth
(817) 420-5700
(713) 388-1250
Permian Basin
(817) 420-5700
Rio Grande Valley
(361) 580-9010
San Antonio
(210) 220-6420
San Marcos
(210) 220-6420
(361) 580-9010

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