Public Finance: Government & Non-Profit

Tailored solutions. Award-winning service.

At Frost, our Public Finance specialists can provide you with financial services that are tailored to meet your unique needs. As experts in serving the needs of government and non-profit organizations, we take great pride in the work we do with organizations like yours because, as you well know, some things are more valuable than money.

Here are just a few reasons to consider Frost:

  • Proven track record. From our humble beginnings, we've grown to become one of the largest financial institutions in Texas, serving all the state's major markets.
  • Public finance expertise. From the state's largest colleges, health networks and governmental organizations to the smallest nonprofits, we're deeply familiar with financial needs to the public sector.
  • Award-winning personal service. Frost consistently earns recognition for service and banking excellence. In 2023, Frost received 34 Greenwich Excellence and Best Brand Awards for providing superior service, advice and performance for commercial banking clients.
Real-world, customized financial solutions

Whether you work with a state institution or a local nonprofit, our Public Finance Specialists can deliver financial services that work on your terms. And a specialist will be with you every step of the way.


  • Basic Services: Certificates of Deposit, Money Market accounts, Business Checking, Analyzed Checking and more.
  • Treasury Management: Improve cash flow and better control your organization’s funds.
  • Credit Solutions: Taxable or tax-exempt loans and leases designed to meet your needs.
  • Global Trade Services: Easily handle foreign trade, minimize risk and maximize growth opportunities.



The Industries We Serve

No matter your industry, our Public Finance Specialists have the experience to deliver custom solutions that work on your terms.

Arts & Culture

We understand just how valuable the arts and cultural industry is to a community's development, growth and opportunity. And we can help your organization with:

  • Financing of major cultural venues and performing arts centers
  • Processing and capturing of remittance information to assist with pledge tracking
  • Consulting services for employee benefits

Whether your organization focuses on pre-K, K-12 or higher education, we can provide the expertise to help you reach your financial goals. And Frost supports education through an investment of more than $3 billion in Texas educational bonds. Frost offers:

  • Experience with all levels of public and private education in each of the markets we serve
  • Assistance with the structuring, pricing and the issuance of debt, taxable or tax-exempt
  • Familiarity with the banking requirements of the Texas Education Code, Local Government Code, Public Funds Investment Act and Public Funds Collateral Act

Faith groups often take an active role in dealing with the challenges and needs that their communities face. And, as your financial partner, Frost can provide you with:

  • Experience with the cycles of pledge campaigns and their role in fulfilling the local, national and global missions of religious-based organizations
  • Assurance that loans and leases are structured in a way to facilitate the organization's mission
  • Global trade services to enable your church to reliably and cost-effectively send funds to missions teams and projects around the world

Whether your community has opportunities to attract new businesses, create jobs or develop infrastructure, it takes collaboration between local government and all key sectors to make it happen. We can help your team realize its vision by offering:

  • Understanding of financial services for all types of government entities
  • Familiarity with the banking requirements of the Local Government Code, the Public Funds Investment Act and the Public Funds Collateral Act
  • Experienced Relationship Managers who are focused on government entities
Health Care

As economic forces and technical advances continue to change the health care industry, it's increasingly important for providers and community leaders to work together to ensure affordable sustainable and efficient solutions. We provide many key providers in the sector with:

  • In-house processing and secure collection, capture and reporting of remittance and Explanation of Benefits (EOB) information
  • Leasing and financing options for new or specialized equipment as well as new or expanded buildings and facilities
  • Experience with individual facilities as well as health care systems

Access to housing is vital to the overall quality of life for everyone in a community. And we serve as an active financial partner in the housing sector by offering:

  • Long-term relationships with housing authorities in the markets we serve
  • Financing for affordable, student and senior housing projects
  • Hosting and sponsorships of events to help residents with personal financial matters
Social Services

Social Services act as the safety net for the neediest in our communities, helping with the critical issues such as homelessness, mental health, substance abuse and poverty. And we're proud to help those who help others by offering:

  • Knowledgeable and experienced with a variety of organizations whose missions are improving our communities
  • Automated services to help protect our customer's assets by making it easier to detect and prevent transaction fraud
  • Experience providing financing for the growth and enhancement of community services
Our Team of Dedicated Public Finance Specialists

Our experts have years of experience with government and non-profit organization, and they'll be there to answer the phone whenever you call.

  • Dedicated team of public finance experts focusing on government and non-profit solutions
  • Expertise with government, religious, housing, education, healthcare and social services
  • Committed to delivering award-winning, personal service

Starting a relationship with Frost is easy.

We're here to help in anyway we can. If you have any questions about our services or want to speak to us about a solution that's right for you, just give us a call.

Talk to a Frost Public Finance Specialist at (888) 481-0336.