Global Trade Services

Because Texas is the nation’s leading export state, Texas businesses need a knowledgeable banking partner that is well-equipped to support their international business activities. Frost Global Trade services understands that international business can be complicated and risky, so we support your international efforts by offering a variety of services, as well as a local, dedicated and trusted advisor.

Foreign Exchange

Offering competitive rates, Frost provides a convenient way to convert foreign currency to U.S. Dollars or vice versa. Our established partnerships with banks in regions around the world enable us to expedite currency transactions and minimize costs for you.

Online Services – Global Trade Services FX

Global Trade Services increases operational efficiency and allows you to easily handle foreign trade transactions, minimize risk, and maximize growth opportunities. Manage your international business conveniently online through the Global Trade Services link in Frost Treasury Connect to:

  • Access real-time foreign exchange rates 
  • Pay international suppliers in their own currency, potentially reducing costs and payment terms 
  • Conduct Spot transactions to buy or sell a foreign currency at an agreed upon rate
Trade Services

Trade Services offers a variety of products to assist customers engaged in both domestic and trade based transactions. Letters of Credit provide an independent undertaking by the issuing bank to help mitigate risks related to non-payment of invoices, financial or performance obligations, and other business related risks. Included in Frost’s Trade suite of products are:

  • Standby Letters of Credit
  • Import & Export Letters of Credit
  • Demand Guarantees
  • Documentary Collections

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