Business Retirement Services

Retirement plans are among the most important benefits a company can offer its employees. At Frost, we know every employee, just like every business, is different. That’s why we work with you to create a retirement plan that meets your company’s unique needs, and the individual needs of your employees. We can also administer and manage your plan assets, and provide investment-planning services to your employees.

401(k) Plans

One of the most popular retirement vehicles for businesses that offers employees benefits such as:

  • helps employees save for retirement
  • taxes deferred on contributions and earnings until withdrawal
  • investments can be a mix of mutual funds, company stock, individual securities, real estate and more
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403(b) Plans

Similar to a 401(k) and designed for tax-exempt organizations such as:

  • public schools
  • non-profits
  • ministries
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Profit Sharing Plans

A defined contribution plan that:

  • provides employer with discretion over profit sharing contributions
  • may be combined with a 401(k) plan
  • features tax deductible contribution and plan expenses
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Defined Benefit Plans

Pays a fixed, pre-established benefit to retired employees who meet minimum in-service requirements such as:

  • tenure (years served) with the company
  • salary level
  • other factors determined by the plan, such as age
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These plans are tax-deferred and are:

  • for employers with 100 or fewer eligible employees
  • for employers with no other retirement plan
  • subject to annual contribution limits
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Money Purchase Pension Plans

Your company makes fixed annual contributions to each participating employee's individual account.

  • contributions are mandatory
  • employer defines eligibility
  • contributions usually based on a percentage of employees' income
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Nonqualified Plans

Targeted to meet the specific needs of executives and other select employees.

  • often used to provide additional compensation to key employees
  • may supplement qualified retirement plans for higher paid employees
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An ideal retirement program for self-employed people or small business owners due to high annual contributions limits and minimal administration.

  • Annual contributions are discretionary and tax-deductible to the employer
  • 100% immediate vesting
  • any earnings grow tax-deferred until withdrawn
  • fewer administrative requirements than qualified plans
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