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A healthy workforce is a productive one, because healthy employees are likely to work more often and more efficiently. But good habits can affect more than productivity. Things like eating well, quitting smoking and managing stress levels can also lower medical costs and other expenses. No matter the size of your business or budget, we can build a wellness solution tailor-made for your unique needs.

Find out how Frost Wellness Solutions partnered with four businesses to improve the health of their employees.

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How We Work

Our in-house specialists will design a program that represents your company’s culture and interests, which increases the likelihood of participation and positive change. We also establish a specific timeline for the policies, goals and strategies. This approach to risk management consists of identification, intervention and improvement.


The first thing we do is make a strategic assessment of your company. That way, we get to know you, your employees and your business in order to identify the potential health risks. Our process includes the following steps:

Listen to you

We’ll spend a few sessions just asking questions and listening, so we can understand your business’s culture, budget and goals.

Examine claims

Our team will take a close look at employee claims information to identify your biggest costs.

Evaluate habits

We’ll learn about your employee’s behaviors and habits to help determine any health risks.

Survey interests

We’ll survey employees to gauge their interest in a variety of activities and programs.

Coordinate screenings

Our staff will set up screening events to collect more in-depth information about employee’s health.

Analyze data

We’ll evaluate your employee’s biometric and other data to find out how healthy they are.


Once we’ve identified your risks, we develop programs to help your employees change the behaviors that could lead to serious health problems. The resources we offer include:

  • A national network of providers and discounts, including pedometer programs and health fairs
  • Flu shot clinics, vitamin clinics and executive physicals
  • Workplace policy guidance and insurance plan design integration
  • Educational seminars and webinars
  • Programs for specific health conditions, including weight management, nutrition, tobacco cessation and pain management

From there, we review the program performance and effectiveness to evaluate what worked and what can be improved. We also look for opportunities to keep employees engaged throughout the year, which may include incentives and other tactics.

And our team will do more than just ensure your programs are compliant. We’ll also help you take advantage of any benefits offered by health care reform.

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What We Provide You

Frost National Wellness Network

Frost has a proprietary network of partners that offer access to a wide range of wellness solutions. A few of the benefits include:

  • Discounts on programs and services such as nutrition education, smoking cessation, gym memberships, health screenings and more
  • Access to exclusive and innovative solutions such as pedometer programs and onsite physical training
  • Biometric and data analytics
Customized Communications

To help you promote your program to employees, we provide additional tools and resources, such as plan communications, seminars and more.

Online Training (Frost Client Training Center)

Our customizable, online portal provides wellness training courses. Learn more about the Frost Client Training Center.

Frost Client Resource Center

Take advantage of online access to timely newsletters, HR information and wellness resources. Learn more about Frost Client Resource Center.

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