Surety and Bond

A surety bond can provide the assurance your clients require to guarantee the terms of a contract. But understanding the complexities of the bonding process can be a challenge. At Frost, our team will guide you every step of the way and work with proven underwriters to secure the bonds you need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How We Work

We collect all the necessary information from your business, such as personal and corporate financial statements and work-in-progress lists. Then we work with bonding companies to help them evaluate your basic qualifications, which we refer to as the
three C’s:

  1. Capital—Your business has the financial resources and credit to fulfill its obligations
  2. Character—Your company possesses qualities like integrity, reliability and leadership that assure underwriters you will honor your obligations
  3. Capacity—Your business demonstrates the technical and professional ability to perform the work and make the payments you promise
What We Provide You

We can help you with the primary types of surety bonds, including:

  • Bid Bonds—Guarantees that the contractor will honor its bid and sign the contract in its entirety if awarded the contract
  • Performance Bonds—Guarantees that the contractor will complete the terms of the contract based on a set price and time
  • Payment Bonds—Guarantees that contractors will pay subcontractors and suppliers for work completed

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