Human Resources and Benefits Compliance at Your Fingertips

Businesses often struggle with hiring, managing and terminating employees while complying with the law. HR360 is your blueprint to navigating the complex world of human resources, with attorney-reviewed tools, guidelines and forms. This one-stop solution streamlines your HR function and gets you back to building your business.

How does HR360 work?

With HR360, you’ll find everything you need to quickly and effectively manage your staff, whether you’ve got five or 500 employees. The site acts like your online HR department delivering the step-by-step guidance and tools when and where you need it, including:

  • HR content and guidance related to performance reviews, interviewing, hiring and termination assistance
  • HR tools such as job description builder and salary benchmarking
  • Guides on compliance with Health Care Reform, COBRA, ERISA and FMLA
  • Hundreds of downloadable federal and state policies, forms and posters, sample handbooks and performance review templates, FAQs and glossaries of terms
  • All-in-one federal and state labor law posters

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