Legal Assistance Helpline

Legal Advice and Counsel for Your HR Challenges

Employers face continuously changing employment laws and ongoing employee issues. Questions about compliance, hiring, termination and other issues are among some of today’s top HR challenges. With Legal Assistance Helpline, you can speak to attorneys for the legal advice and counsel you need.

How does Legal Assistance Helpline work?

Legal Assistance Helpline provides you with access to attorneys who advise thousands of private, nonprofit and government employers across the U.S.

The helpline features:

  • Toll-free and online access to attorneys from a national law firm
  • Documented responses no later than the end of the next business day
  • HR compliance portal with resources, news, state-specific handbook builder, online unlawful harassment training
    and more
  • Expertise in issues that face businesses ranging from 10 employees to thousands
What types of questions are asked?

The attorneys respond to more than 50 HR/employment law, risk management and compliance issues, including questions about hiring, termination, harassment and discrimination.

Types of questions include:

  • I need to fire an employee, what do I do?
  • Do we need to comply with FMLA?
  • Is my employee considered exempt or non-exempt? And do I have to pay overtime?
  • We are going through a layoff. Could you provide me with some guidance?

To find out how Frost can help your business, call (866) 227-2099 or request a call or email.