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Putting Disability to Work for Your Business

If you suddenly became disabled and couldn’t run your business, how would you pay your utilities, lease or employees’ salaries?

Would you have to spend your hard-earned savings, your retirement assets or even your child’s college education funds to make ends meet at home?

As a business owner, you face three key threats in the event of a disability:

  1. Keeping a roof over your head
  2. Keeping the doors of your business open
  3. Keeping your business investment intact

It’s important to protect yourself and your business against the unexpected. Think about the effect on your business and your employees if a disabling illness or injury leaves you, another owner or a key employee too sick or hurt to work.

Protecting Your Life's Work

We offer the disability protection solutions you need to help plan for the unexpected and protect what you’ve worked so hard to build.

Integrated Disability Solution

Combined, DI solutions can provide integrated protection for you and your business. Plus, underwriting concessions and discounts may apply if three or more individuals in your company purchase individual disability insurance coverage.

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