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Long-Term Care Medicare Rules

Many people think that Medicare will cover all of their long-term care needs. This is a brief synopsis of what Medicare REALLY pays!

Facts About Medicare and Long-Term Care

You must be hospitalized for three overnight stays for the condition that put you into the nursing home. The first 20 days at 100 percent of the Medicare-approved rate.
You must go into a Medicare-approved facility within 30 days of the hospitalization. All but $144.50 a day from days 21-100. In other words, you pay for the first $144.50 a day and Medicare pays the balance.
You must be getting doctor recommended "skilled care." Nothing after day 100.
You must be getting better.
For Home Health Care:
You must be getting doctor approved "skilled care."
You must use a Medicare-approved home health agency.
You must be homebound.

Note: Part A is free. Part B is $99.90 - $319.70 per month depending on income.

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