Whether you have a house, apartment, farm or ranch, Frost can help you find the right insurance policies.

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance provides financial
protection for your home and personal property.

Protection under homeowners policies extend not just to the physical structure of your home, but also includes:

  • replacement of personal property, including home furnishings, clothing and household items
  • cost of alternative housing while your home is
    being repaired
  • liability coverage arising for accidental injuries
    that occur on your property

Farm and Ranch Insurance

Farm insurance typically covers real and personal property, such as farm equipment, livestock and
buildings. Areas to consider when discussing your unique needs with one of our Risk Advisors include:

  • farm house and personal property (i.e., clothes, furniture and appliances)
  • coverage of farm buildings and structures
  • liability coverage for accidental injuries
  • livestock

Renters Insurance

Landlords have insurance to cover the house or apartment structure, but won't cover your personal property loss in the event of a disaster. Renters insurance is similar to Homeowners in that it covers the loss of personal property, the extra expense of living elsewhere while your home is being repaired and liability coverage.

Flood Insurance

The National Flood Insurance Program was created by Congress in 1968 and allows property owners, renters and business owners to purchase insurance protection from the federal government against floods.

Travel Insurance

Protect yourself and your valuables when you travel.

Non-Profit D&O Insurance

Directors and Officers insurance protects you from a variety of exposures when serving on the board of a charitable organization, including derivative lawsuits and direct or third-party claims.