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Mineral Asset Management

The specialized attention your mineral assets deserve

For five generations and during three centuries, Frost has been committed to helping businesses and families throughout Texas prosper by growing and safeguarding their financial legacy. We understand Texans’ diverse financial needs and the unique challenges of mineral asset management. We also understand that relationships matter.

While other institutions are scaling back on their in-house mineral asset management, we continue to offer teams of specialists focused on your entire relationship, including specialty assets. Our goal is to take care of you and your family - not just for the near future, but for generations to come.

Who is our professional management team?

At Frost, we work together to build a team tailored to your specific needs, then work to preserve for the long-term while optimizing value for you and your family. Each comprehensive team could include:

  • Landmen
  • Oil and gas attorneys
  • Registered petroleum engineers
  • Registered geologists
  • Title analysts
  • Division order specialists
How can we help you?

Our managers create custom solutions tailored to meet your specific needs while protecting and maximizing the value of your mineral assets. Each solution could include:


  • Mineral leases, pooling and unitization agreements, gas contracts, farm-outs/farm-ins and seismic agreements


  • Leasing trends and development of drilling activity
  • Evaluate and participate in drilling prospects
  • Research and analyze title problems


  • Audit oil and gas production
  • Match well production volumes to independent third party to ensure correct payment
  • Pay ad valorem taxes and insurance, as well as provide detailed account and tax information
  • Initiate and manage oil and gas litigation
Let's talk about you

Let’s talk about your unique mineral assets, your short-term goals and your dreams for their future. After all, we believe in building long-term relationships, and we’d appreciate the opportunity to start one with you.