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Real Estate Management

The specialized attention your real estate assets deserve

For five generations and during three centuries, Frost has been committed to helping businesses and families throughout Texas prosper by growing and safeguarding their financial legacy. By offering a team of real estate specialists and a wide range of services, we can assist with the management of real estate assets for individuals, companies, trusts, financial institutions, partnerships, charities and both public and private foundations.

While other institutions are scaling back on their in-house real estate management, we continue to offer teams of specialists focused on your entire relationship, including specialty assets. Our goal is to take care of you and your family - not just for the near future, but for generations to come.

What types of real estate do we manage?

Farm and ranch

Urban and rural

Farm and ranch

Urban and rural


Development property

Who is our professional management team?

At Frost, we work together to build a team tailored to your specific needs, then partner with external resources to give your interests the individual attention each unique asset requires. Each comprehensive team could include:

  • Licensed real estate appraisers, brokers and salespersons
  • Licensed property and casualty insurance professionals focused on portfolio risk management
  • Licensed attorneys
How can we help you?

We strive to maintain an awareness of changing demographics and economic conditions and the potential effects to real estate assets, their values and uses. Our real estate management services are wide-ranging and purposefully designed to help you every step of the way.


  • Sales and purchase contracts
  • Commercial and residential leases
  • Surface use, grazing, farming and hunting leases
  • Wind and solar leases
  • Utility and pipeline easements


  • Maintenance, repairs and capital improvements
  • Mineral exploration surface activities
  • Timber management and sales


  • Property taxes and insurance
  • Collection and management of mortgages and real estate secured notes
  • Commercial and residential leases
  • Surface use, grazing, farming and hunting leases
  • Wind and solar leases

Let’s talk about you

Let’s talk about your unique real estate assets, your short-term goals and your dreams for their future. After all, we believe in building long-term relationships, and we’d appreciate the opportunity to start one with you.