Bill Payment and Presentment

Boost your company's operational efficiency by reducing the number of checks transmitted and the employee hours devoted to manual payment processing. Frost has partnered with MasterCard RPPS to offer you Bill Payment and Presentment Service, a service that offers a single point of connectivity to virtually every consumer in the United States who is paying bills online through a financial institution's website.

Online bill payment allows consumers to pay all of their bills via a single, trusted provider, including banks, credit unions, third-party service providers, and others. Electronic bill payments from your customers post faster and more accurately than paper remittances, and the processing costs are a fraction of those for paper. With the help of MasterCard RPPS, Frost is now taking that service concept even further and processing bill payments as ACH transactions instead of mailing paper checks to you, the biller. Settlement and payment data are combined for electronic delivery with multiple billers being combined to a single credit and file.

How it Works
  • Consumer makes payment through web portal pay service (i.e. Frost Bill Pay)
  • Payment transmits to originator who batches payments to MasterCard RPPS
  • MasterCard RPPS processes one payment file for Frost
  • Frost gets payment data and funds to deposit into your account
  • You receive data files and funds from Frost

Download our Bill Payment and Presentment Product Sheet