Have more control over your cash with SafePoint, an electronic validating safe offered through a partnership with Loomis, that assists in reducing risk and minimizing operating expenses. Cash Position Reporting (CPR) provides automated control to manage your cash levels by providing daily access to cash balance information from any networked computer in the world by providing time-saving information in a validated and guaranteed environment.

How SafePoint Works
  • An employee feeds cash directly into the safe
  • Each day, the SafePoint safe reports cash total to Loomis
  • Based on that information, cash receipts are made available to Frost daily for credit
  • An armored vehicle arrives, according to a pre-determined schedule, and takes the deposits to a Loomis cash processing center
  • Both you and Frost can access deposit totals and generate reports remotely, using the CPR system
SafePoint Features
  • Issues detailed receipts for each currency deposit
  • Accepts bills of nearly any condition, fed in either direction
  • Integrates with existing POS systems
SafePoint Benefits
  • Real time deposit balancing, including printable reports
  • Counterfeit detection
  • Improved funds availability
  • Reduced cash processing risks
  • Improved cash processing efficiency
  • Remote access to cash reporting
  • Manage deposits from one or all locations
  • Safety of your cash and your employees

Download our SafePoint Product Sheet