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Commercial Vault Services

Feel confident and secure making large deposits with Frost’s automated Commercial Vault Services. Commercial Vault Services is equipped to handle checks, currency, and coin deposits in a secure environment. With six locations across the state, our deposit and change ordering services are tailored to your business needs.

Services Include:

Automated Deposit

  • State-of-the-art equipment verifies larger currency and coin deposits in a controlled environment.
  • You are able to make deposits at one of our financial centers, or an armored car service can deliver deposits directly to a vault location.
  • To further enhance deposit integrity, we require the use of a serialized, one-time-use tamper evident plastic bag.
  • Automated Deposit results in reduced fees, processing efficiency and accuracy of deposit.

Automated Currency and Change Orders

  • For customers using an armored car service, we provide a 24-hour automated ordering system with same day delivery in most situations.
  • Using a PIN, you have the flexibility of ordering by telephone at your convenience.
  • Your account will be debited the day the order is processed.
Optimal Security Features:
  • Dual-control processing ensures the safety and integrity of your deposit.
  • Tamper-evident deposit bags and constant video surveillance provide excellent protection for your funds during cash handling procedures.
  • Counterfeit detection mechanisms ensure the currency is authentic.
  • Most of our financial centers have night depository facilities.

Download our Commercial Vault Services Product Sheet