My Benefits View

Providing a Better View of Benefits Information

Keeping up with the most current benefits information can be time consuming for your employees. With My Benefits View, your workforce can easily access their benefits information and stay up to date with health coverage, compensation and other HR programs at their convenience.

How does My Benefits View work?

With My Benefits View, your employees can:

  • Find information and documents related to HR programs and resources
  • Get assistance in evaluating benefit choices and costs
  • Access decision support tools for health care choices
  • Store and view personal information
  • View detailed information related to life events and how they affect benefits
  • Obtain medical, dental and vision resource forms

With My Benefits View, employers can:

  • Create and maintain a portal that reflects the company’s brand and culture
  • Communicate health, benefits and human resources information consistently
  • Automate the benefits enrollment process

Once you've signed your company up for My Benefits View, you'll receive a URL and User IDs and passwords to distribute to your employees.

Explore the My Benefits View demo

User name: sc123
password: password

If you have any questions about My Benefits View, please call a Frost Risk Advisor at (866) 227-2099 or request a call or email.