Corporate Citizenship

We're committed to making people's lives better We're committed to making people's lives better

At Frost, everything we do is aimed at making people's lives better. And for over 150 years, that commitment has steadily guided our approach to our employees, our planet and the communities we proudly serve.

A culture founded on timeless values

Every day, we adhere to core values of integrity, caring and excellence. Our people treat each other and our customers with the highest level of honesty and respect. We go out of our way to do the right thing, and we strive to be a force for good in everyday life.

Committed to the people who make it possible

We work to ensure every career at Frost is a fulfilling one, with competitive compensation, generous benefits and a healthy work-life balance. This devotion to our people has earned us a spot on Forbes magazine's Best Employers list.

Competitive compensation

We offer a minimum rate of $15 per hour, competitive salaries, 401(k) matching and profit sharing.

Generous paid time off

Our employees enjoy paid time off for vacations, maternity and paternity leave and to perform community service.

Professional development

We foster professional and personal growth with continuing education, on-the-job training and development programs.

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We celebrate diversity and are committed to more inclusive workplace for all

Like the state we’ve called home since 1868, Frost is made up of a myriad of cultures, heritages, customs and backgrounds. We know and understand our communities, and we embrace diversity and inclusion at every level. Having a workforce that is reflective of our customers and communities is one more way that Frost works to be a force for good in people’s everyday lives.

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Giving back with our hands and hearts

From charity drives and cleanups to financial literacy classes in affordable housing, we're deeply involved in the communities where we live and work. Here's a snapshot of our efforts in 2018.

Community service

Frost employees volunteered 10,961 hours. In fact, we celebrated our 150th anniversary by volunteering an additional 5,479 hours.

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Partnership with United Way

Our people donated about $900,000 to United Way. We also help coordinate United Way events across Texas.

Opt for Optimism

We've begun a multiyear movement to inspire optimism. Our goal is to help people become healthier—physically, emotionally and financially.

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And we're working hard to meet the needs of the entire community.
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Conservation is just common sense

From recycling bins in conference rooms to the way we built our newest tower, green initiatives are at the core of how we work.

All new Frost buildings are constructed to use less water and energy and produce less waste. We work with environmental firm Green Standards and Habitat for Humanity to ensure the parts and pieces from decommissioned Frost buildings can be used elsewhere in our communities.

Even small actions add up.

In 2020, we recycled 554,238 pounds of paper

Our paint choices for the newest Frost Tower kept 168 pounds of paint-based VOCs from off-gassing

The newest Frost Tower construction prevented over 56,000 pounds of drywall from entering landfills

We saved 831 cubic yards of paper waste from entering landfills

We saved 4,739 trees that would have been used to make paper

We saved 554 barrels of oil that would have been used to make paper