Debit Card Alerts

Image of debit cards
Protecting your accounts and information is—and will always be—a priority. Debit Card Alerts are just one of the ways we protect your Frost Personal and Business Accounts against unauthorized debit card purchases. This is all part of the work we do to regularly optimize and strengthen our overall security systems.
Customizable Alerts

No one knows your purchase patterns better than you. With a quick tap, you can choose to get customizable Debit Card Alerts for up to six different potentially fraudulent activities. Turning them on helps you more closely monitor activity in your account.

If one of your alerts is triggered, we'll send you a text to notify you of potentially suspicious behaviors. You only need to call us back if the transaction looks suspicious.

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In addition to customizable Debit Card Alerts, we regularly review accounts for unusual activity. We may send you a fraud alert asking you to confirm whether you recognize a particular transaction; it's important that you respond to these fraud alerts. Business account holders and those with an international phone number will only receive an email, not a text message. You do not need to enroll to receive these standard Debit Card Alerts.