If there’s a Frost financial center near you, our employees and our contributions are there, too, helping improve our community. Dedication to communities is embedded in our core values, part of our history since the beginning of the company.

Supporting Nonprofits

Whether it’s education, economic development, civic activities, health and human services, or culture and the arts, supporting nonprofit organizations where our employees and customers live and Frost does business is part of good corporate citizenship. Simply put, philanthropy is the right thing to do, and we wouldn’t be who we are without it.


Our employees offer their hands and hearts to mentor young people, support community celebrations, serve on the boards of local nonprofits, care for sick and aging people, and help raise awareness for important causes. Through our volunteer programs or serving independently, Frost employees make a difference in fun, rewarding and heart-warming ways.

Bettering The Community

Sharing meals, giving books, planting trees—some of the ways we strengthen communities. Frost enters a market not only to serve the area’s financial needs, but also to play a part in bettering the community for years to come. Funding decisions are made locally by people who can best make thoughtful decisions for meaningful giving.