Frost Fine Art Advisory services was established to assist Frost clients in the identification and acquisition of fine art investments. We also work with individuals and fiduciaries of trusts and estates to maximize fine art sales price realizations.

Fine Art Acquisitions

Due to the subjective nature of collecting art, clients benefit from our services designed to meet their particular needs in acquiring or selling an art portfolio valued at
$1 million or more. New collectors are introduced to the art market through visits to museums and commercial galleries. We develop a list of artists and art periods of interest with each client to meet their budget and expectations. We then research and seek works by these particular artists offered at auction and through private sales. Frost performs due diligence on comparable prices and provenance in order to reduce the client's risk as an investor in fine art. In addition to galleries and auction houses, our art advisory clients benefit from gaining access to art not traded publicly on the market. Frost works with clients in acquiring fine art for corporate offices in a similar manner.

Fine Art Sales

Frost also assists clients with selling fine art in order to achieve the highest possible returns. We solicit competing bids from auction houses and private sellers in order to acquire the most advantageous terms of sale. Where estate sales are concerned, we assist in obtaining an appraisal, often at no cost, for informational and/or tax purposes in advance of sale.

Advantages of Using Frost Fine Art Advisory Services

  • As requested, we may place bids at auction or negotiate private deals on behalf of the client. In doing so, our clients save time and expense while remaining anonymous.
  • We assist in navigating the chaotic environment of public auctions and art fairs.
  • We are not affiliated with galleries or auction houses, so we are able to provide impartial advice. Our loyalty is to the client, and we negotiate the best deal possible.
  • Because of our own established relationships within the industry, clients are positioned to acquire museum-quality works of art privately and discreetly.
  • We are compensated exclusively by our clients. Any price concessions negotiated are credited to our clients. We are often able to negotiate discounts sufficient to cover our fees.

Other Services

Frost is also able to offer the following services on behalf of the client:

  • Coordinate with local appraisers to provide fair market valuations for estate planning, charitable donation and insurance purposes.
  • Coordinate the shipping, storage, conservation, framing and installation of each work of art.
  • Assist with collection management by taking inventory of your property and uploading the details into an online user-friendly database.
  • Provide art lending against works currently in your collection.

Learn More

To learn more, contact Mary Hammon Lee at (713) 388-7765 or contact your Frost Wealth Advisor.

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