How to Get Started with Your Frost Account
Thanks for banking with Frost. We're here to walk you through anything and everything related to switching your accounts, setting up your new account and getting to know Frost.

There's a lot to consider when you switch banks. That's why we've created this page with everything you'll need—from setting up direct deposits to downloading our app—to make your transition to Frost as smooth as possible. There are two ways to get your new account up and running: on your own, or with the help of a Switch Specialist.

Get Started on Your Own

It's a straightforward process to set up the features of your new account. The steps below will take you from start to finish.

 Step 1. Sign up for online banking

My Frost

Our simplified online banking system serves individuals and most businesses well. You just need your Frost Checkcard and PIN to sign up. After registering, you can customize real-time alerts to monitor your debit card activities from your phone, pay bills and transfer money anywhere in the U.S.

 Step 2. Set up deposits and payments

Direct Deposits

When you set up direct deposits, your recurring payments such as paychecks, pension and social security payments will be credited directly to your account.

To download the direct deposit form, select your type of deposit:

Helpful Information: You may need the Frost routing number and your account number to complete the form:

Frost Routing Number: 114000093

How to locate your account number

Recurring Payments

These can be one-time payments made on a regular basis to local service providers and merchants, such as your gas company or landscaper, or scheduled automatic payments for things like cable, insurance or home loans.

For information on service providers in your region, download the list.

Then, log in to your My Frost account, select "Bill Pay," choose "Add a Payee" and enter the requested information.

 Step 3. Download app and use mobile banking

Frost App

Once you sign up for My Frost online banking, you'll be able to use the top-rated Frost app. Learn more about the Frost App.

Download app from the Google Play Store    Download app from the apple store

You can also access your account via our mobile website or text banking. These options let you pay bills on the go, check up-to-the-minute balances, send money and more—all from your mobile device.

Explore all our technology

 Step 4. Close your old account

Letter to Close Accounts

After switching over your transactions to your new Frost account, balance your old account to make sure you don't have any pending debits or credits. Then complete this form for each account you'd like to close.

Download form to close previous account.

Or We'll Handle it all for You

We'll take care of the entire process and figure out what needs to be done to get you started with Frost. Our Switch Specialists will even fill out and send in the forms. Just choose how you'd like to get in touch:

No matter where you go in Texas, you're always close to Frost and your money. That's because we offer the third-largest ATM network, with over 1,100 ATMs and 115 financial centers across the state.

  • 115+ Frost financial centers and motor banks across the state
  • 1,100+ ATMs statewide, including participating H-E-B® and Valero® Corner Store locations
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Whether you need help with a financial matter or with a technical issue, you can always talk to a Frost representative. We're committed to providing every customer with the highest level of support and service.

Talk to a Real Person, 24/7

Questions about your finances don't just happen during regular business hours. So we're here to answer your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And you'll talk to a real person, right here in Texas.

Call us at (800)513-7678.

Trouble with Online Banking?

Our internet banking specialists are here to help you 24/7 with any technical needs.
Call (877) 714-4932.

Assistance with Your Checkcard

If you forgot your PIN or never received your Frost checkcard, individuals can reach us at (800) 513-7678. Our business customers can call (800) 892-7104.

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